MPI High Power Probe Systems

MPI High Power Probe Systems

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MPI High-Power device characterization systems are specifically designed for on-wafer high power device testing. MPI TS150-HP and TS200-HP probe systems provide a complete 150 mm and 200 mm on-wafer solution. They are engineered to achieve low contact resistance measurements of power semiconductor under wide range of temperatures.

These systems support up to 3 kV (triax)/10 kV (coax) and 400 A (pulsed) testing while providing a low-noise, fully shielded test environment. They may be configured with low contact resistance gold plated high power chucks which can hold wafers as thin as 70 µm. MPI high power probing solutions include dedicated high voltage and high current probes which use MPI propriety multi-contact tips for reduced contact resistance. MPI's high voltage probes are capable of low leakage current measurements during high voltage tests up to 10 kV.

Regulatory certified systems are configured with interlock enabled dark box or infrared laser light curtain to provide a safe testing environment.

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